Our Services

The services below are included for each and every client, no matter how big or small the company or organization may be.

Website Design

We design custom websites using WordPress, Elementor, and premium plugins. Over half of the world's websites run on WordPress combine it with the power of Elementor and you have a website that is tailored to your business AND easy to maintain.

World-Class Hosting

We utilize WordPress optimized web hosting for all of our client's sites. Some of the features that are included for every site are SSL site certificate, content delivery network, daily off-site automated backups, server side caching, and many more.

Care & Maintenance

All websites require care & maintenance to ensure they are secure, fast, and reliable. WordPress and plugin developers release updates regularly for these same reasons. Your site's WordPress core and plugins are updated as soon as updates are released, keeping your site safe, secure, and running smoothly.

Client Reports

We work hard to keep your website in Tip Top shape and you deserve to know how. On the first of each month clients receive a Website Care Report by email that provides information about updates that were performed, custom work that was requested and completed, security scans, speed test results, and more.


Just $100 per month is all it will cost for you to have a website built*, domain name registered**, website hosted, have email accounts at your domain, website updated and maintained, and content updates applied whenever you need them***. You’ll even receive a monthly website care report detailing the updates, requested work, site visitors, and more!

*Very large websites may cost more than $100/mo but we can meet to discuss terms prior to onboarding. 

**There may be an additional fee for some premium domain names and domain extensions. 

***We can perform content updates for you or train someone in your organization to update the content themselves. 

Note: These exceptions do not apply to 99% of websites.

We will schedule either a face-to-face or virtual meeting with you to discuss the project. Near the end of the meeting we will gather some billing information from you. You will be invoiced for your first month, recurring on the same day each month.

Once we receive payment, we will begin designing the individual elements of your site (header, footer, page layout, etc.). We will check in with you periodically to ensure everything is meeting your expectations and to make any requested adjustments. 

When the site design and build has been completed and you have signed off on it, we will determine the launch date, if this was not previously discussed.

5GB storage

20GB/mo bandwidth

Server-side caching

Up to 100 email accounts at your domain*

CDN powered by Fastly

SSL certificate

Nightly off-site automated backups

Managed plugin, WordPress core, and content updates

Google Analytics, PageSpeed, and YSlow performance insights

*Requires domain to be registered with or transferred to us.

There are a few options for people to build their own website or have one built for them. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each below. 

Site Builders – These days we are bombarded with ads for site builder tools from many different companies. Typically, these types of services charge a monthly fee and provide a system that allows you to build your own site. 


  • Low cost
  • No coding necessary
  • Security is taken care of by them.
  • Complete control (within the confines of their platform).


  • Learning curve
  • Many of their clients use the same common elements, so sites something look “cookie cutter”.



Other Graphic Design/Digital Marketing Firms – An Internet search for “graphic design”, “web designers”, or “digital marketing” will usually turn up some local companies that are incredibly good at what they do and will charge large up-front costs for the design of the site, as well as a monthly fee for maintenance and updates.


  • A beautiful and functional website custom designed for your organization.


  • Timelines are often long, sometimes months. 
  • High cost for the design and build of the site, in addition to monthly hosting/maintenance fees. 
  • Monthly time limits on content updates performed by the firm are typicall. 
  • In some cases the firm refers you to a hosting company they’ve partnered with. 



Tip Top Tech Solutions – We are like a combination of the previous options.


  • We are professionals in the industry.
  • No separate up-front costs for design and implementation.
  • You don’t have to build it yourself, we build it for you.
  • Your site will be as unique as your business is.
  • Send us your content updates or let us teach you how to update your own content. 
  • Fast turn-around. Sites are typically ready for launch within 2 weeks. 



  • If you see one, please let us know. 🙂

Yes! As long as your domain is registered with us or transferred to us, you have have up to 100 email accounts at your domain.

All email accounts can be accessed via webmail or configured in an email application on your computer or mobile device.

We would be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your service with us and we will help you transfer your site to a new host, if you choose to do so. 

No, there are no hidden fees. The subscription fee includes all of the services listed. 

The standard plan works for the majority of websites, however, if your site requires more storage, bandwidth, site visitors, or more than 100 email accounts, the monthly fee may need to be adjusted.