Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization, you ask? It’s the process we take with each and every image we add, page we create, and website we build to ensure that your website is indexed properly to help your customers and site visitors find your content.


We add keywords to each and every page of your site relevant to that page’s content. This helps search engines index your website and provide relevant search results to your potential visitors.


In addition to keywords, each page also has power words added whenever possible, and relevant titles and content are added to each page’s meta information. This also helps search engines and potential site visitors to click on your site listing in their search results.


One important thing that needs to be considered is the structure of the site and how the addresses of the different pages will appear to visitors and search engines. We make sure that the permalink structure is such that pages have human readable URLs, to help visitors know that they are in the right place and to share content.


Whether your site is selling a product or a prolific blog, you want your content shared with the world! We make sure that all social sharing links from your website look great when viewed on social media. Nothing sells a website or service better than word of mouth and social media makes it easier than it’s ever been to spread the word.


We add Google Analytics tags to every new website we build, which helps us to track new and returning visitors to your site, where visitors are landing on your site, and what pages they are exiting from. This can help us to develop a strategy moving forward to help keep your visitors on your site longer to read your blog articles, share your recipes, buy your products, or schedule an appointment with your business.